I consider that the body is part of the decorations in the living room.

These series are inspired by the concept of changing the properties of my artworks from my studio to my living room due to the quarantine of Coronavirus. Since I brought my works to my living room, it seems to become sort of decorative. Interestingly, the same objects in my studio, I didn’t think they are sort of thing that I could play or accessible approaching. I think these pieces are unfinished works, kind of fragility “artworks” that I am not willing to touch and distort. When I use different angles to see these works, it becomes a new thing. Similarly, I spend most of the time staying in my living room. My body is experiencing this space, I sense my body has become a moving decoration, part of decorative furniture, even engage with space and time.

These series present as pictures and videos which I record myself in my living room

If my body could wear the furniture in this room and try to be some kind of object......
Now I spend most of the time in my living room and I perceive my body becomes part of a “moving decoration” in this space. I start observing the objects in this room, such as the chair, the hanging clothes on clotheshorse, the couch…..etc. Besides, I am curious how my body interacts with them; It is not only that I “use” this furniture as a functional aspect, but also I see more them as alive items that I can communicate and play with.
During this series, I am trying to integrate myself with the furniture and decoration in this room. At first, I have to learn to “be an object" in this space. For instance, be a chair and sitting on another chair, be a couch and pillows, be a space between objects...etc.However, it is a very different way to allow my body to perceive the feelings of interacting with objects that I surround in my daily. For example, perceiving a couch which every day I sat and laying down. what if my body becomes a couch and what is the feeling of being a couch? How does my body feel about that?
The way I communicate with objects, for instance, I interact with a chair and imitate to be a chair; be a wall to feel a chair.

                                   -Decorated Wearable Art Pieces
I sense my artworks are static decoration; my body is a moving decoration. I make experiments, moving around in this room and try to use my body to become a wall painting or a walking sculpture and then to feel what the feeling of my works.