Lan-Hsin, Tu, was born in Taiwan, Tainan. Presently, she stays in the Netherlands for doing her master's degree in the program called, MADtech (Media, Art, Design, and technology) in the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.

She is passionate about being a multiple-oriented designer and artist, and researching relationship between garments and the human body through the implementation of technologies in her artist practice.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Textile and Clothing Design in the Textile Design Section, where she learned her sensitivity to textiles and developed her design abilities, as well as increased her knowledge of design aesthetics. She aspires to explore the potential of digital technology, which infuses art with new elements of technology and integrates with fashion, leading to a breakthrough for both fields.

Her main goal is to creatively explore and enrich the application of technology through a combination of technical and artistic experiments, finding her way across the areas of electronics, wearables, and interactive visuals.