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 Space and Body :
 Bodily Engagement

The artist, Bruce Nauman has said: If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point, art becomes more of an activity and less of a product. Using his body as an art object, as a visual and audial element, he interrogated the act of making art.22" From this point of view, the bodily experience has become an integral part of the entire work. It can even be said that the perception and experience of the body are the real final works. It is more relevant to the process of how the body participates with the procedure and space. The body is the artistic material, it employs space as a vehicle, and intertwines creating activities together.

Since I am conscious of the interactions of my body with the environment, I started recording myself when I work in the studio to see how I interact with the space. For example, I used the attendance list to record the times when I was in my studio. This is an archive not only of experiences of time and space that I involved with but also visualizes my existence between time and space. Likewise, I employed the function of Gropro: time-lapse photography and filming, as a recording medium, putting it in the corner of my studio, and I started working as usual. These continuous images of experience in my movement show me interested in how to archive movement within time. Thanks to the idea of Bruce Nauman, my original thoughts and perception of making art changed drastically. Before that, most of the time when I was in the studio, I only focused on working, making and producing; and now, my artmaking is not concentrating on the results anymore, but instead I am focused on and value the experience and the process I have. Actually, I think the attendance of my studio is already shown and considered as artwork. The whole feeling, experience, activities, memories which I undergo in my studio, they are already recorded in my body and the studio space. Then my body carries these invisible works to create other works that turn bigger and bigger. From this point, my body transforms as a mobile creator also an art piece.

︎Studio space engagement experiments-12.2019

Body As Decorations ︎Check the Link here.  
is an extensional series of recording myself for engaging the space during quarantine of the coronavirus.

22.Edited by Caroline A.Jones, Jane Farver, ”Bruce Nauman,Sensorium : embodied experience, technology and contemporary art”, 2006