Sensorial Wearing is an interactive installation that raises awareness of sensibility and feeling through the human body and observes continuously variations for bio-data, for instance, the surface of the skin, the temperature of the skin, the humidity of skin, etc.
Skin is not only the largest organ on our body but also as a communication system. Skin can perceive and be a receiver, such as breathing, light, touching and even movement of the muscle. Clothes are considered as a second skin, space as third skin.
The installation is sculpture-looked clothes, which is inspired by the construction of the spinal cord, where delivers sensory processing and generating messages, movement, and sensation.
The cloth was installed by different kinds of sensors that receive data from the skin. Through the process of intimated interactions with skin, the data transfer into immersive visual and develop dynamic patterns synchronously projecting on clothes according to the person who wears and how to operate.