Remembering by Feeling

I am deeply curious about the connection between the perceptual experience of touch and the awareness that emerges within our bodies. How do these experiences form our memories and, more importantly, shape our imagination and understanding of reality?

In this project, light acts as a bridge between our visual and tactile senses. Here, light is both a metaphor and a visualization of the momentary emotions, our inner states, imitating the fleeting transience of our perception of emotions and feelings over time. Complementing this, the use of soft textiles is reminiscent of skin—the intricate vessel of perception and remembrance.

"Remembering by Feeling" will be a large-scale light and textile sculpture installation. By weaving optical fibers into textiles, the installation can respond to subtle changes in the viewer's body, such as shifts in temperature and movement. It traces the contours of both memory and the passage of time. Here, the fabric sculptures serve as tangible representations of tactile experiences. The twisted and crumpled texture symbolizes the metamorphosis within us as we navigate over time. Within this tactile encounter, the touch of light upon the skin invites exploration into the nuances of remembrance and imagination.

Photographer: Man Pan Lau