Extend toward endless

Extend toward endless opens a novel conversation between the material and the space and performing. The textile sphere sited on the dike in Bierum. The sphere rolled alongside the boundary between lands and sea, peeled out slowly, then transformed into a long strip. On the other side of the dike, participants took one part of the strip with them; Other participants also did so on other parts of the dike, and completed the sphere together. After, a new circle starts again, a new story begins. This experimental encounter and performance exhibited the notion that the interaction with people and objects are an endless circle.

Performace: 28.08.2021, Bierum, The Netherlands 

Photographer: Can Demren


A group exhibition “TFRIED TOGETHER ” with 15 artists from all over the Netherlands. An invitation from Tilburg-based artist Snow Sheng Jie and the invitation embraces opportunities to brainstorm and to experiment in the heat of the moment, and present artistic journeys and paths. A moment to celebrate TOGETHER; to gather, to meet, to collaborate, to exchange.

KunstpodiumT, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Photographer: Britt van den Boogaard