A Concerto Between The Dynamic and Static Moment

This series echos with my thesis chapter:
Repeated motions and < Boléro> (check link here). As I mentioned: "Each piece of my whole body of works needs to echo other works to motivate movement. It is as though there are small invisible strings between my works creating tension. Like Boléro, the steady rhythm in the beginning, then new tones join in, and finally, the sum of the instruments come together harmoniously to make a whole; although the sole baseline is very beautiful, the whole song needs other instruments to participate in completing the majestic composition."
Like the performances I did for this series.  In the beginning, each work lies on the ground statically and including me. I become the drummer of < Boléro>, as the baseline. I drum rhythm between each piece, and string to link each piece, and repeat these actions. Sometimes, I walk alone with my constant melody; sometimes, I meet other objects and bring with me, and we create a new rhythm together. Finally, we interact as an imposing orchestra

        360-degree video, suggested viewing quality: 4k/8k