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Jurjen Galema, male, 28 years-old, performer and artist -14,03,2020

Q:1 As a performer and artist, how do you use your body to create art and do a performance? How to perceive art through your body? What do you think about your body?

Jurjen: I use my body as a performance. For example, when I do live performance, I put on the stuff that I made. The arts are wearable and made for performances. "Something can be worn on", at this point, it is an extra layer to art pieces. These artworks become a functional object and that people can see and wear themselves. I think it turns into a different way to use the body in art. Also, the body and part of the body else use as the theme.

The way that I use the human body as a theme of artworks, the body comes effect a lot in the artworks. I created kinds of characters. The looks of these soft sculptures base on humans, such as a lot of hands, nipples, and penis and vaginas. That made huge differences. For instance, I rarely saw teddy bears on nipple or vaginas, and this attracted people to watch longer, or related to in the different ways they would that teddy bears are. Sometimes, these nipples and penis and vaginas that I made, I let them be wearable for people to wear on their bodies. It became double meanings which made people laugh and also made people think.

Picture from Jurjen Galema ︎

I like to check out people’s reactions to art. For example, the little penis I made, people see it as a kind of product that can be use or gift. That’s an interesting thing for me. From this view, the body becomes a way to communicate and focus on people’s interactions.

I think the body is something that can be wearable and something like clothing that can change. That’s one of the things that more relatable to what I do: the way to express yourself. It is not so much talking about the wearing stuff, but it more like physical expression.

Q2: You have another identity, Lola.lasagna, drag queen, how do you start with these characters with your body? And how to use and connect your original body become into Lola, the female body, and totally different personality? In this case, what do you think the position of your body is? Being a bridge to connect with your original personality into Lola? It is a quite different perception that other characters lived in one body.

Jurjen: I started with this interest when I was in my bachelor's study. I made some drag queen and to do training as well. I really like the way the man transformed into these kinds of characters as women. The characters of the role you played that have to care and deal with what it wants to be. This is not just like that a man put on makeup and done. Also, we have a gender issue and how you should appropriately talk to one another. For me, the transformation from male to Lola was like that made for a stage and made for catching eyes and looks. That was so appropriate for me and also fitted in my life. I have been interested in my life all the time and also love theatre. All these things ended up with me in art and my life, and that shaped the Lola.

The transformation took for a long time. The more time you put in, the more professional you will be and developing into something new. Actually, I transformed my whole body that made me very different, such as huge hip, ass back, cincher which made my waist thinner, waxing the hair...ect. Your body language will also change. It turned the different way you move around. Because of the reaction, you got from outside, then you started acting in different ways.

Me: It is not easy that another character lives in the same body as you. Is that quite a challenge for you at the beginning?

Jurjen: You play on kind of character and do the performance. It is still me but exaggerated.

Me: In this case, what do you think the position of your body is?

Jurjen: I think my body becomes a tool to give an illusion. You put stuff on the outside of the body, literally, it was all in the outside and it changed, and also inside (personality) was also change. But the body itself didn't change. You change outside, and you were in a different person.

Q3: Lola has many different beautiful clothes; each one has its specialties. for example, some are made by shining fabric, very gorgeous and some style are very exaggerated or decorated, for example, The dress with eyes and short nude volume dress with long penis. In this case, what is the meaning of these clothes for Lola? Does that reflect on Lola's characteristics? and what do you think about the role of the clothing on the body?

Jurjen: The purple dress with eyes is a good example. It is so picturing the art I made. I made and created different stuff all the time. At the same time, I tried to change a lot of things because I didn't want people to get bored. Sometimes I made these clothes for performance. I had certain performance in mind already and I knew the song and I would do that for specific performance; sometimes I found some pretty and gorgeous fabrics and then I had something new for tieing in the process of my art. I did sculptures and I could imagine that it would be very fun to wear that and do something with performance. So, the process helped each other, performance and artistic practice, one process and into another one process. Everything I created that would make sense in the end.
What Lola's personalities about? She is fun and drunk, but she is not aware of that. She is trying to do something serious, but also arty in the way. Personality transformed into clothing and it was always shaping and involving.

Pictures from @Lola.lasagna︎