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Others and The Body                                                                                                Next Interview︎
Interview I

Dewi Brouwer, female, 27 years-old, Yoga teacher and artist -14,02,2020

Q1: As a yoga teacher/artist, how do you think about the body?

Dewi: Being an artist is definitely connected to be a yoga teacher. And I think the body actually is the bridge in between.

Me: So, do you think the body is a tool for you to connect our personality or to present yourself?

Dewi: I use my body a lot in both media. With yoga, you are really focusing on your body with the purpose of feeling better and releasing the stress or go toward yourself. Or being a tool to inter-perspective, like self-questionnaire, which helps to get clear of yourself. With yoga, you need specific skills to the goal. So, yoga is using a tool to get clearer. So as creating art, you need to be clear with your eye and walk clearly. You can also use art to be clear. Working with my body is both important for being an artist and yoga teacher and my whole life indeed. Because I feel there is so much to experience within your body and also there are so many worlds you can experience within your body with different skills. And that will let you get more creativity and so they assist each other.

Me: Do you think the way you perceive your body is the same as you perceive the art?

Dewi: When I look into art, I really experience with my whole body, for example, music. When I see a painting, I see it as music, the color, the orange is doing something to my experience in my body. This is also how I paint and how I create and how I feel.

Sometimes, I see some people are not so into their bodies, or they don’t even know experiences with their bodies. They are more focused on the mind, conceptual part. For me, it is not so important for me, I think experience is way more important. You do the experience you do with whole body.

Q2: What is the body for you? For example, the identity of you?

Dewi: I am really aware of not only the physical body but also the non-physical body, like whole layers within. For example, the soul level. The soul goes subtle before coming physical way and cooperate with other systems. I am not in my body, but the body is in me. I love the complexity of my body and how they connect. Our body has different brains at different levels. The body is made of memories. The brain is also the reflection of the body. Everything in your brain and reflect on your body.

Q3: What can your body do?

Dewi: If you keep your mind super open, and your body can do anything you want. Then you need the knowledge and system to know how to work with. There is time delay in physical. If you have knowledge and you will know how to work with physical.

Me: Do you think nowadays it is more difficult to be aware of our body?

Dewi: Yea. I think a lot of people don’t feel their body. How society works is super-rational. Take the school system as an example, if you don’t realize who you are in your quality. You are going to isolate form yourself and body. Definitely, being your body is totally related to your freedom.

By doing yoga, by doing posture, you are influenced your mind. It is like a mirror effect as I said. With your mind, influencing your body.

Q4: How do you use the body?

Dewi: For some people, the body presents who they are, for example, identity, identify my body. Personally, I am good to see it as a tool. Taking a bit distance from your body your feeling. Also, it has a purpose. My body is a tool to create art. It is a tool but also a burdenSometimes you don’t know how to deal with your emotions, like defeat machines. But also, the machine has lots of possibilities. However, I do not use technology to make people’s consciousness. I think it is even disturbing. Some artists use technology, I didn’t see the purpose of that.

Q5: What do you think about the role of the clothing on the body?

Dewi: This is the way to present yourself, about celebration, beauty, sexuality.

Me: The fashion, clothes to me, I have different perspectives. For example, most people see some trends or watch influencers on Instagram and would like to be them. The clothing is the way to show your identity but these days we are wearing for others, want to be others.