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Emotional Reflections

Through the journey of exploring the relation and meaning of " Man as machine", I use machines as a metaphor to mirror my artistic practices and also to examine myself. The whole journey is very meaningful to me. During this journey of exploring and writing about the human and the machine, I encountered many reflections on my past and present. It is like a process for finding the missing gear and searching the pully and strings and a journey of fixing my malfunctions and starting a new program. What's more, I felt many emotional reflections, which became an important layer of artwork for me. For example, when looking through machined installations from Rebecca Horn, I experienced the extensions of her pain from illness that allow audiences to comprehend her emotions full of suffering but tenderness, feeling her transformations and her strength. These cold metal-made machines seem to bring an intense isolation and loneliness that describe Horn’s mental and physical pain. Yet, simultaneously, it also shows the intensity of tenuous and tenderness, an extension of human softness. It reveals how different sides of the spectrum exist at the same time. Our feelings are multiple, showing and echoing each other. No matter if these feelings are positive or negative, we should embrace them as part of us and let our body carry them. I realize the importance of delivering emotions by engaging with artworks. The art pieces are not only speaking concepts but also expanding to the emotional stage. That's the more profound interaction I wish for audiences to experience through my works. It is also an approach to understand how to engage with my works, by embracing them more with softness. I am the kind of person who escapes facing my emotional feelings and tries to hide as much as possible by thinking that these feeling will be gone in a few days. However, I realized that these emotions of mine are growing as a heavy backpack that I must carry on, my emotions are still in there, still with me. And now I found a way out to turn these feelings into other forms, living in my art pieces. My pieces are an emotional extension. Like what Horn said: "The transformation of the experience: that is pure art7." The process of the transformation is painful and puzzling, yet, transformation offers moments where I can have more honest conversations with the body and the self. Same as seeing the transformation of my creations, from seeking the finished form of pieces and turning them back into unfinished and defective works and focusing more on developing an extension of the concept, also the transformation of getting rid of the frame. This kind of transformation, the process, the stories, has become an art piece that is present in my body, an individual, unique becoming.

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